Opening Jars with a Rubber-Band on the Lid eases the pain ...


    My family and friends that have Arthritis noticed that the Maxwell House Instant Coffee container jars have a rubberized lid.... I came up with a simple idea that works with ALL jars - Simply take a wide-Rubber band (like the ones found on Broccoli and vegitables etc) and place it around the lid of Any jar - be it Jam, spread cheese, pickles, etc. and the jar has an easy to open grippable lid . Very easy to open and close and with little to no stress on the arthritic hands. My family and friends have found over the last year that jars are far more easy to open and close with no resistance. I share this information among this community for All to enjoy.

    Like I said - a simple WIDE Elastic-Rubber band ( like the ones found on Broccoli, etc) on the edge of a Jar lid will allow better grip for foods we all enjoy, with far less, to no strain on Your arthritic hands.

    Cheers Everyone, I hope this info helps you all as it has my family and friends.

    Sincerely, Dave Fraser.

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